Ellie Way - Long Division Poster.jpg


Commissioned by Long Division for their 2021 festival in Wakefield.

Designed exclusively for Long Division to celebrate the community and culture at the festival.  


This design will be printed as T-shirts, posters and postcards and will be available to purchase at the festival.


Cambridge Travel Poster

Commissioned by Ark Colour Design for their Cambridge store in 2021.

A bespoke design depicting the waterlilies floating on the Mill Pond, Cambridge. 

This design is available to purchase as an A3 poster online and in store at Ark Cambridge.

Ellie Way - Cambridge Travel Poster.jpg
Ellie Way - Dovecot Studio Travel Poster.jpg


Commissioned by Dovecot Studios for their gallery/shop in Edinburgh, 2021.

A bespoke Travel Poster depicting the view from the balcony overlooking the tapestry studio. This design was commissioned to celebrate the history of the building and capture the details of the former swimming baths. 

This design is available to purchase as an A3/A2 poster and A5 postcard online and in store at Dovecot Studios.


Commissioned by Studio of Sanctuary at The Art House Wakefield in 2021

An activity kit designed to encourage children from different migrant backgrounds to engage and connect creatively to the district we live in.

The children's responses to these activities were curated into an exhibition of Travel Posters for Refugee Week. 

Image Credit: David Lindsay 2021

WMW instapost1.jpg


The Family of Man

Designed exclusively for The Hepworth Wakefield in 2021.

A bespoke Wakefield Travel Poster depicting the view of Barbara Hepworth's 'The Family of Man' standing on the banks of the River Calder.

This design is available to purchase as an A3/A2 poster online and in store at The Hepworth Wakefield.

Ellie Way - The Family of Man.jpg


Commissioned by The Art House Wakefield in 2020.

Van Gogh painted sunflowers in pursuit of an artistic community and he gifted his paintings to friends as token of his gratitude. 

Taking inspiration from this, this mural was designed to illustrate The Art House's gratitude for the community in Wakefield and to remind everyone that we were together during a difficult time.

This mural was designed to sit amongst 500 sunflowers that were planted around The Art House during the first national lockdown.

Ellie Way Sunflower Mural.JPG


Commissioned by The Art House Wakefield and The Ridings Shopping centre in 2019.

A community led outdoor space designed for pop up events in the centre of Wakefield during the summer of 2019.

Image credit: David Lindsay 2019

Ellie Way - All Saints Yard.jpg