Motivated by lockdown blues, Ellie's collection of Travel Posters was inspired by local settings on her 'one walk a day' around Wakefield. 

Ellie wanted to find a way to record the familiarities in places that could evoke nostalgia, memories and positive conversations. 

Through her Travel Posters, Ellie hopes to create sense of celebration and pride in where we live and encourages people to show it off! 

Get your Wakefield Travel Posters here.



A mural created for the Art House in Wakefield during the COVID 19 pandemic. 

Van Gogh painted sunflowers in pursuit of an artistic community and gifted the paintings to friends as a token of his gratitude (how nice is that?)

Learning from the best, we wanted to create a message which illustrated our gratitude for the community in Wakefield and to remind everyone that we're together, always. 

This mural is going to sit amongst 500 sunflowers that have been planted around The Art House in hope that it brings a sense of hope and unity to anyone passing by. 



Mabgate Annual was a community arts festival that took place on Saturday 21st September 2019. This event was created in collaboration with Leeds City Council and East Street Arts and it's purpose was to celebrate the diverse and creative community in Mabgate. I was project assistant to Emma Hardaker and my role was to help creatively transform the green space into an interactive event that would allow the artists and local businesses of Mabgate interact with the local residents. 


All Saints Yard was a community led event space and destination spot created in the centre of Wakefield for 2 events in August and September 2019.

This space was created in partnership with The Art House and The Ridings Shopping Centre and I lead on the coordination, design, build and installation.

The brief was to transform an unused cul-de-sac on Almhouse Lane into a useable trendy space that the local community could enjoy.

My objectives included brightening the space with colour, murals and signage as well as designing and sourcing furniture for the two events that were programmed during the summer.




I was commissioned by the Art House Wakefield to recreate the hand painted tiles that adorn the walls of what was Drury Lane Library. This involved me re-drawing the tiles, putting the design into repeat, separating the colours into kodatraces and then exposing the 4 colour design onto screens. I screen printed the design onto 10 metres of fabric which would be used to create soft furnishings around the communal spaces of the building. 

Studio S10, The Art House, Wakefield